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Verigene® System


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Nanosphere’s Verigene® System enables clinicians to rapidly identify and treat the bacteria and viruses responsible for some of the most complex, costly, and deadly infectious diseases.

The Verigene platform offers automated, cost-effective multiplex capabilities that rapidly and accurately detect infectious pathogens and drug resistance markers without relying on time-consuming culture methods.  

Delivery of this time-critical information enables clinicians to provide targeted patient care more quickly, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes, lower costs, optimized antibiotic therapy, reduced spread of antibiotic resistance, and importantly, saved lives.

Verigene is powering faster treatment decisions in more than half of the top US hospitals. Verigene's ease of use makes it a valuable system for use in both hospital-based and reference laboratories, regardless of size, and features. 

Nanosphere’s tests are designed to target infections of the bloodstream, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract. The technology has also demonstrated capabilities for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and autoimmune disease.

On-demand workflow (24/7 testing)

Minimal hands-on time

CLIA moderate complexity

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